Food safety made easy with automated HACCP.

Operating a hotel can be challenging. What if you could simplify one major aspect of your operation for your staff and patrons? With blueRover’s Food Safety solution, your management team can gain peace of mind that they are receiving the correct information at the right time. Protect your guests by upgrading your Food Safety today.

blueRover’s Monitoring Solutions keep watch over your hotel’s most critical tasks. We work with you to determine the areas of your business most open to risk and ensure that we monitor them 24/7. If daily tasks are improperly executed or temperatures reach unsafe thresholds, we notify you and your team so you can take corrective action and return your focus back to what really matters: maintaining a safe, welcoming hotel for your patrons.

Food Safety Dashboard

Real-time information is consolidated into one easy-to-use online dashboard. With unlimited users per site and unlimited sites per user, you can access all appropriate food safety information whether you’re a single facility or nation-wide brand. Stop wasting paper and move your HACCP programs online.

Use cases

  • Equipment Monitoring

  • Room Monitoring

  • Batch Cooking

  • Online Logs, QA and Audit Support

  • Product Temperature Checks

  • Facilities Monitoring

The blueRover Guarantee

Our solution is designed and manufactured by us, carefully crafted and built by blueRover employees. We’re so sure that we can securely, accurately and reliably monitor your facility that we guarantee the hardware and service for as long as you’re a blueRover customer.

Food Safety Made Easy

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Regulation Approved

approved for use by the CDC, FDA, BOP, VFC, and Health Canada with 7 years storage of audit logs including corrective action reports.

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Alert Notification

not only are you notified via email or text to potential problems, alerts are also configurable and scalable to suit your businesses needs.

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Plug and Play

the system is entirely pre-configured, allowing you to begin monitoring in seconds – no IT required.

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Built to Last

our wireless and battery-operated equipment is designed to withstand the operations of busy kitchen facilities with tough, reliable, and waterproof sensors.

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Disaster Proof

internal storage and battery-backup ensure that no matter what happens onsite, there is no interruption to your HACCP program.

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Encrypted from sensor to server.  Much safer than a binder on a shelf.

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