Value Proposition

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Designed and manufactured in-house

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Extended manufacturers warranty

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Designed specifically for food safety



blueRover designs and manufactures its own equipment to guarantee product stability and full platform security.

Wireless, battery-operated, and waterproof

Our equipment is designed to withstand the operations of busy kitchen facilities with our tough, reliable, and waterproof sensors.


Every blueRover sensor comes pre-calibrated (complete with certificate should you request one). Our technology utilizes silicon-based temperature sensors that remain stable over time and under extreme environmental conditions. This allows us to guarantee the calibration for the lifetime of the sensor. blueRover will aid in the thermometer verification process should it be required and will replace the sensor for free if drift exists.

Flexible deployment options

The blueRover platform is completely independent of a customer’s onsite network and requires no involvement from IT departments. We utilize a cellular connection to transmit data, and fully manage the connection ourselves. This allows for a quick, easy, and uncomplicated deployment for our customers, and provides us to best control and support the system. Should the installation be in an area with troublesome cell signal, blueRover comes equipped with ethernet and WIFI connectivity.


All equipment arrives at the customer’s site completely pre-programmed for use. Users simply login to their account, assign each sensor a unique name (typically the fridge/equipment’s name) and place the sensor in the equipment being monitored. Sensors automatically connect and begin monitoring without any additional setup required.

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